Khaki & Buchanan Tartan Hybrid Kilt

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Khaki and Buchanan Tartan Hybrid Kilt

Khaki & Buchanan Tartan Hybrid Kilt adds a traditional touch with a new fashion trend to your wardrobe. It features a Buchanan Tartan with khaki drill jeans fabric. Its design shows the symbol of Scottish pride with modernization. It is fabricated with pure cotton and Acrylic wool material. Its material ensures that it is comfortable and long-lasting. To fasten a kilt, buttons and leather straps are used. Two flap pockets are on both sides to carry your cell phone or wallet easily. D-rings connected to the belt loops add more functionality to the kilt. A kilt is designed for a person passionate about work and adventure. Buchanan Hybrid Kilt is crafted to be worn at festivals, weddings, and many others. To use it as daily wear is also a good choice for a person. Buchanan tartan Hybrid Kilt is available in a variety of colors and tartans. You can get this hybrid kilt according to your taste and size that fits your style. You can buy it because this low-cost kilt will make you unique in any express program.

Design and Specifications:

  • Material: Cotton & Acrylic wool.
  • Style: Modern.
  • Fabric: Tartan & drill jeans.
  • Type: Fashion/Casual.
  • Front Apron: Plain.
  • Backside: Pleated design.
  • Pleats: Tartan.
  • Availability: All sizes

Size And Measurement:

If you are confused about your kilt sizing. You can visit our kilt measuring guide that will clear all your confusion and help you to measure your waist, hip, length and fell measurement that fits your kilt size. If you know your exact size and have an even waist like 30, 32, or 36, we recommend you order your accurate size. Otherwise, it is suitable for you to go for one size larger for a comfortable fit. If you want a tighter fit, then order one size smaller.


If you want a kilt that matches your preferences, you can choose your favorite color and order in the exact size. If any color is not given in our list, you can email us or contact us through online chat or Call to get a specially designed kilt


  • For kilts with a waist less than 26”, there is no chance to add pockets on them due to size limitations. So, please remember this before ordering.
  • Color shade may vary between the pattern. We try our best to deliver the same pattern in the same shade as in the picture on the website, but we request you ignore some shade fluctuation.
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Khaki & Buchanan Tartan Hybrid Kilt